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Small Business IT Services

With our small business IT services, you’ll be able to focus on your core business while we take care of the technology that keeps it running. We can help with all aspects of your IT needs, from network security and cloud solutions to storage and backup services. That way, if something goes wrong with one piece of equipment or software application, we can identify what needs fixing and fix it quickly without disrupting your operations too much–or at all!

Hardware Installation

Hardware installation is the process of physically installing and connecting new computers, peripherals, and other equipment to your network.  This may also include setting up and configuration of a firewall according to your needs.  Software installation is also part of this process; as an example, installation of antivirus software on each computer in your office so they’re protected against viruses that could otherwise damage their data or corrupt their performance.

Integration of Third Party Software

Software integration is a vital part of any business – not just for security, but also for efficiency. We can help you seamlessly integrate third-party software into your existing infrastructure through seamless integration.

Backup Solutions

Backups need to provide a highly flexible set of tools designed to protect and recover your valuable data. Backups can be scheduled on a range of frequencies, allowing you to choose the best solution for your organization. Our integrated backup system ensures that both data and network system integrity are maintained, offering protection against power interruptions, downed networks, and file corruptions.
This will provide you with a greater level of protection and peace of mind when recovering your system in the event of an emergency.

Cloud Computing

Cloud computing is a style of IT service delivery where data and applications are hosted on remote servers.

Cloud computing offers a number of benefits over traditional on-premises hosting, including:

  • Reduced costs. Cloud providers use economies of scale to provide better pricing than you can get yourself, even if your company is large enough to qualify for volume discounts with other vendors.
  • Flexibility. You’re not locked into any particular hardware or software solution; if something doesn’t work well for you in one environment (or even if it does), you can move your resources elsewhere without having to switch out entire systems or rebuild from scratch.
Network Services

Network services are the backbone of your business. They include:

  • Network setup and configuration
  • Network security, including firewall protection and password management
  • Network performance optimization (including antivirus software)
  • Maintenance of existing systems and equipment, such as routers and firewalls

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