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My name is Gary Wheeler and I am the founder of Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. So here’s the scoop.


I’ve always had an interest in electronics, electronic things, etc.  I managed to spend a few years in high school working at a local Radio Shack store.  Oh the fun that was!  From stereo component systems to parts and communication gear.  The CB radio was a great thing back in the early 70’s – I learned lots and met tons of people. In the early 80’s I got into computers.  My knowledge was very limited and I managed to try all kinds of things – unsuccessfully.  I had to learn how to either fix it or how to afford paying someone to fix it. Needless to say I stuck with the ‘experiences’  and learned how to handle the systems.  Eventually those who I asked previously for help started calling me for my advice.


One day I got a call from a local doctor that had an issue with his computer.  Turns out it was a Max-Tor hard drive.  He commented about my carry bag tool kit and said it reminded him of his early days doing house calls with his own carry bag.  Kind of like a doctor.  Well……I pondered that for a while.  Now I’m no doctor so I figured if I spelled it Dok-Tor they wouldn’t misinterpret my expertise. And from this came Dok-Tor Harddrive.


Internet and bulletin boards were a new to us phenomenon and I began running my own BBS from my home. These experiences gave me a wide look at implementing new technology.  Since that time Dok-Tor Harddrive has evolved into many different services, specialties, and new technologies.  My love of all things techie has led us to a multitude of areas, from weather stations, GPS integration, IP cameras, and now even into private cloud solutions.  We even have our own weather station and traffic camera which can be viewed at www.westlethbridgeweather.com


 We were officially launched in 1991 when I found a need for a new computer shop in Lethbridge, Alberta.    In 2002 my daughter Maran Magnell joined the company.  Together we have continued to build and grow Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc.  We are proud to be a family owned and operated business.  Over the years we have worked with a variety of clientele including medical, legal, retail, transportation, agriculture, home builders, and many more.  We provide our clients with complete IT business solutions and support and we are there every step of the way.  Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. strives to offer courteous and professional support to our clients without overwhelming them with “geek speak”.  It is important to us that you feel confident knowing your IT is in good hands. Trust us, the Dok-Tor knows best!
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Our Services

We help build the technology solution that’s right for you and your business needs. From PC systems and networks , IP cameras to weather stations. Put our years of experience and diverse talents to work for you!

– Computer Service, Sales & Repair

– System Networking & Installation

– Remote Technical Support

– Onsite Service

– Custom Business Solutions

– IP Camera Systems

– Weather Stations

– GPS Integration

– Small Business Consulting

Give us a call at 403-381-7080

Hours: Monday to Thursday 9:00am-4:00pm  Friday 9:00am-1:00pm   Closed weekends and holidays

Location 503—28 St.S . Lethbridge AB

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