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Small Business Support

Are you a Small Business or a Small Office Home Office (SOHO) based in Lethbridge and Area? Looking to expand?  Starting off on your own new business venture?  We can help!

At Dok-Tor Harddrive, we are also a small business and we understand what you need to get and stay running.  Quality equipment, flawless operation, and ease of use.  While we can’t guarantee that nothing will ever break, (they ARE computers after all!) we can promise to create the best system to suit your needs and to keep it running for you.

We will work with you to create a full system that does what YOU need it to, not a generic computer and printer that may or may not integrate well.  We can network multiple computers, set up remote access, configure printing from multiple locations, set up email and web addresses, install third party software, maintain your systems with anti-virus and regular maintenance, and so much more.

From the design and planning to the ordering, purchasing, setup and installation – we’re here to provide the support you need!