Private Cloud Solutions

You’re probably asking “what the heck is cloud computing anyway”?  It’s less complicated than you think!  With our latest line of products called QNAP, you can have your own private and personal cloud.  Your files are stored at your home or office for you to access anywhere, any time.  Think of it as an external hard drive that you don’t have to carry around!

Essentially a QNAP is a Network Attached Storage device or NAS, or in non-geek, several hard drives working together to provide you with your own safe and secure backup solution. Because the QNAP connects to the Internet, you are able to access your data from any computer, tablet, MAC, or even your phone.

The QNAP has several features that makes it so much more than just a backup solution.  Because it can be accessed by multiple devices it can act as a server for your small business, allowing your employees access to files from anywhere.  You can even install a virutal OS and use the QNAP itself like a Windows based PC.  There are also plenty of apps available for the QNAP, allowing you to do everything from host your own web server, to the powerful Notes station that allows you to write and organize your company information.  There’s even Photo Station, which lets you store and access as many photos as you can fit on the QNAP, even in high definition. This is great for photographers!

At home, you can use it as a download station to download music, movies, documents, and so on, and connect it to your TV through Bluetooth, HDMI, or from your SmartTV for a home based media centre.  Or you can connect your iPad and watch your downloaded videos on the go!

There’s a lot to learn about the QNAP, so for more information and to find out how you can get your own private cloud solution, please contact us today!



QNAP Cloud QTS 4.2

QNAP Cloud TS-563