Computer Repair

Why Us?

Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. has been repairing computer systems since 1991.  Our many years of experience along with a diversified clientele allowed us to grow to where we are today. We focus on PC’s, SOHO (Small Office Home Office), servers, wireless devices, tablets and so much more. We have integrated video displays, GPS navigation, and numerous site specific hardware and software applications. We have served clients ranging from transportation, residential construction, municipal, medical, retail, graphics design and so much more.

Innovative skills, professional and courteous – customer service is what we are All about. We work closely with you to develop a system that’s right for you. Put our skills to work for You!

Computer Repair

It’s frustrating when your computer breaks. You rely on it, and you need it back right away. We can help! With 25 years of experience repairing computers, there isn’t much we haven’t seen. From hardware and software upgrades, troubleshooting connectivity issues, virus removal, general PC cleanup, and almost anything else that goes wrong, trust us to get you back up and running as soon as possible.

Onsite Service

For business clients (sorry home users, we just don’t have the staff!) we will attend onsite and do our best to resolve your issues as quickly and efficiently as possible. Sometimes we will need to take your computer back to our shop for proper repair, but we will make sure that down time is minimal.  We are a small business too and know the importance of your PC systems!

Protection and Maintenance

The most important thing you can do for your computer system is protect and maintain it properly.  A good security suite that is regularly updated, a strong and secure backup solution, and a trustworthy IT technician are what you need to make sure problems are minimized. We work closely with AVG CloudCare Services to provide all of this and more to our clients.  AVG CloudCare is a complete cloud-based security solution for small business clients.  Once installed, it provides real-time protection to all devices, content filtering, remote backups, firewall, email scanning, and much more.

With AVG CloudCare, we are able to remotely manage all your systems at once, and we are alerted instantly if viruses or other problems are found.  For more information, and to add this service contact us!

Remote Support

Thanks to the Internet, we are able to provide remote support to our business clients as well. With your permission, we can install our remote access software that allows us to connect to your computer any time from anywhere, so you don’t have to wait for a technician to come to you. Some things cannot be solved remotely, but for everything that can, this allows us to help you almost immediately which keeps you productive!

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