Network Cameras

Looking for a network camera system for your office, farm, cabin or some interesting location? You’re at the right place!  We have been providing technical solutions since 1991.  We work with you to assess your needs and requirements, existing network layout, review camera features, interior / exterior mount, resolution (quality of the image), ability to move positions (Pan / Tilt / Zoom or PTZ) or fixed , camera location and so much more.  We can design and integrate an IP camera solution that fits your needs and budget with room to grow.

Over the past several years, we have sold and installed private IP camera systems for clients here in south Alberta.  They monitor exterior yards, shop areas, loading docks, offices and more.  In 2010 we configured and supplied 4 fixed mount network cameras to the Ski Castle resort in the beautiful Rocky Mountains.  Due to bandwidth restrictions on their Internet, you can only see still images from the carmeras.  However if you refresh the page it updates the image from the camera once again. You can view the latest images from 1886m  / 6188 ft elevation.  These provide live  streaming video to the local office area for staff to keep watch on the ski hill. Check out the cameras at

July of 2012 we launched our first public weather / traffic camera. The Whoop-Up Drive LIVE Traffic Cam.  Our camera was installed at the Pemmican Lodge facility – part of the Green Acres Foundation – Housing for Seniors here in Lethbridge. This is a great example of a Pan/Tilt/Zoom (PTZ) camera that allows visitors to select preset views and settings.  An identical camera system was installed for our client, Farming Smarter.  This allows them to monitor their field and shop areas, all with one camera. Visitors to the Farming Smarter site  have full access to control the camera to any view.

Whatever your network camera requirements are, be sure to give us a call.

Lethbridge Crop CamThis is a camera we installed for Farming Smarter - located just east of the Agriculture Canada Research Station. Default view is facing east with the Jail Road just off the right hand side by the trees. This camera you can actually control and view their 65 acre plot of land where they conduct various farm research studies.

Farming Smarter Crop Cam

Ski Cams Dok-Tor Harddrive Inc. supplied four cameras mounted 1886m (6188 Feet) up on the Red Chair lift at the Ski Castle Resort back in 2010. Due to limited bandwidth there is no live streaming video, however the current image is displayed.

Here are live pictures from the mountaintop!

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